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Holiday Offer

Looking for a unique gift experience that shows your loved ones you care for their well-being? First Gear Skid School is celebrating the Colorado winter and holiday season with a one-of-a-kind offer! 

Whether you are a seasoned driver, brand new behind the wheel, or looking for added confidence in winter situations, we have you and your loved ones covered. 

Class Details 
Improve your driving skills and knowledge in adverse situations and conditions with an educational lecture and a real hands-on driving experience in a controlled environment. Our professional instructor will provide information on what exactly is happening to the vehicle during a skid in a classroom setting and then the class will move onto the course to experience multiple adverse simulations with hands-ons practice. 

For only $225.00 you can give this real hands-on experience that builds confidence and increases safety for your loved ones and their community. 

Contact us at (720) 202-6414 or to secure a gift certificate good for one class. 

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