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Saturday, December 10th @ 8 a.m. open & @ 1 p.m. open

Saturday, December 17th @ 8 a.m. open & @ 1 p.m. open

Sunday, December 18th @ 8 a.m. open

​​​​​​​​Learn how to control your vehicle during all weather conditions!

Skid Control Training 

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Our services include Family Drive, Corporate Drive, and Aftermath Drive!

Learn to drive Safer in snow, sleet, rain & dirt year round!

No snow, ice, or water required!

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Skid train today, be ​Safer on the road for life!

Winter Driving Safety


Defensive Driving

Skid Control

Skid Avoidance 

Winter Driving 

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About Us

First Gear Driving Academy, LLC is your place to go for an innovative advanced defensive driving class in Denver, Colorado.  Our training services deliver superior skills and knowledge to drivers at all levels of driving experience by using an international system , known as SKIDCAR, and a safety based curriculum to teach skid control  and driver safety all year round!



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